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Welcome to Holden School, home of the Huskies and a fantastic community of students and staff.


​Sandra Wills

School History

During the years Holden School has gained lots of memories! And here's some of them:

During January 1938 the Holden School Division #17 was organized and took over the administration of all rural schools within it's boundries.

In 1940 Holden School opened a dormitory which was the 2nd  in the T.A Store. (It cost $16.00 a month for students.)  The dorm closed on December 1, 1947!

In 1985 the Holden Senior High School moved to Ryley.   The Ryley Junior High School came to Holden School.

September 1999 Holden School became a  E.C.S. - Grade 6 school.  All Senior and Junior High students now go to Ryley.